Human primary proximal renal tubular model

The kidney plays a crucial role in metabolic elimination and is a target organ for drug action. The renal tubules are responsible for reabsorbing glucose and water, as well as excreting certain drugs through secretion. As such, the kidney is of significant importance in studying drug-induced renal injury and drug interactions.

The human primary proximal renal tubule model independently developed by Daxiang can effectively retain the differentiation of renal tubular epithelial cells and the maintenance of stem cells. It is an ideal in vitro model for renal function research, drug absorption and drug nephrotoxicity assessment.

  • Drug nephrotoxicity assessment
  • Renal toxicity mechanism studies
  • Kidney disease model construction
Sample data
Improved renal barrier function
Compared to the traditional Transwell construction method, hRPTEC primary cells show a faster growth rate under dynamic culture conditions. Additionally, the model exhibits a more complete barrier function and stronger transmembrane transporter function.
Stronger active absorption function
The uptake rate of albumin, ASP+ and 5-CF by hRPTEC is significantly higher than that of the traditional HK-2 cell line model.
More sensitive to nephrotoxic drugs
The hRPTEC primary cell model is more sensitive to nephrotoxic drug response than the HK-2 cell line model.
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