Blood-brain barrier model

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a part of the neurovascular unit, which acts as a barrier between capillaries and nervous tissue in the central nervous system and strictly regulates the exchange of molecules between the blood and the brain.

 The Daxiang-developed IBAC BBB model exhibits a robust barrier function and high bionicity, making it an excellent tool for studying the human BBB barrier function and assessing a drug's ability to penetrate the brain.

  • Drug penetration ability assessment
  • Drug efficacy evaluation for in situ brain tumors and brain metastases
  • Drug toxicity assessment on cerebral microvascular cells
Sample data
IBAC BBB model has stronger barrier function
In comparison to the Transwell model, the IBAC BBB model exhibits a stronger barrier function, as evidenced by higher levels of tight junction protein expression and transmembrane resistance, and lower apparent permeability.
The brain penetration ability of IBAC BBB model has strong in vivo and in vitro correlation
The brain permeability of different drugs on the IBAC BBB model is linearly related to the ratio of blood to brain (B/P) in vivo.
BBB-3D tumor model for evaluation of drug efficacy after brain penetration
Brain penetration ability of three targeted drugs (Osimertinib,Gefitinib,Erlotinib)on BBB-3D tumor model and efficacy evaluation after brain penetration.
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