Tumor immune microenvironment model

Tumor immunotherapy has been a research hotspot in recent years. Various new drugs targeting the immune microenvironment of tumors, represented by immune checkpoint binders (ICB), are emerging, but there is still a lack of highly predictive drugs in the preclinical research and development stage in this field.  In vitro models, the industry mostly uses tumor cell lines and commercial immune cells for research, and the clinical relevance is low.

Daxiang has developed a tumor immune microenvironment model that utilizes tumor organoids and PBMCs from the same patient. This model is able to accurately replicate the tumor immune microenvironment in vivo, providing a highly realistic platform for the development of new drugs.

  • Efficacy evaluation of immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Cell therapy evaluation
  • Cytokine storm prediction
Sample data
Tumor-specific T cells induced by tumor organoids co-culture
The proportion of CD8+ CD137+ cell subsets was significantly upregulated in PBMCs co-cultured with tumor organoids.
T cell killing activated by PD-1 inhibitors
Both pembrolizumab and nivolumab can promote the killing of tumor organoids by tumor-specific T cells.
T cell killing activated by PD-1 inhibitors
Nivolumab has a significant effect on promoting the release of IFN-γ and GZMB from activated PBMCs.
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