Beijing Daxiang Biotech Co., Ltd. is a prominent high-tech company in China that specializes in developing and manufacturing human organoids-on-chips. The company is dedicated to advancing and leading the widespread use of organoids-on-chips in various fields such as new drug research and development, disease modeling, and personalized precision medicine. The founding team of the company comprises experts from Peking University. We aim to provide more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for drug research and development, as well as an innovative and biomimetic clinical precision drug standardization platform to promote human health development.

Build a healthy world with innovative organoids-on-chips technology.
Focus on the challenges that customers focus on, provide innovative and competitive organoids-on-chips solutions and services in the fields of drug research and development and precision medicine, and continue to create value for customers.
Customer first, open innovation, self-criticism, continuous struggle, honesty and trustworthiness, teamwork
Beijing Daxiang Biotech Co., Ltd
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