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Daxiang offers one-stop services, including organoid culture from samples provided by customers, passage, quality control, and cryopreservation, tailored to meet your specific needs. These services are designed to assist scientists in achieving exceptional research outcomes. Related services follow ISO20387, GB/T 39767-2021 and other industry norms to ensure that the quality of organoids meets scientific research standards


(1) Sample processing

The quality of primary samples will greatly affect the success rate and efficiency of organoid culture, so the samples provided by customers must meet the following requirements:

Sample Type

Sample Requirements

Shipping Requirements


Surgical Tissue

Tissue block volume: approximately 0.8cm*0.8cm*0.8cm; Time since   excision: not exceeding 24 hours

Special tissue preservation solution and shipping package provided by   Daxiang

In addition to extracting organoids, tissue samples can also be used to   extract tumor-associated fibroblasts


Sample Quantity: 10ml; Time since collection: not exceeding 24 hours

EDTA tube, special shipping package provided by Daxiang

PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) can be extracted

(2) Organoid culture and passage

Daxiang provides various modes of organoid culture to meet the needs of customers, and uses exclusive patented culture kits to improve the efficiency of organoid culture.

(3) Organoid quality control

During the organoid culture process, a bright field photo is taken every 3 days and the cell viability was detected to monitor the growth status of the organoid.


(4) Delivery of results

After each tissue sample is cultured passaged, the P3 generation organoids will be delivered, along with 1-2 bright field photos of each generation. The organoids will be divided into cryopreservation tubes containing protection solution and transported to the customer's laboratory through a cold chain.