IBAC S1 is a 3D high-throughput micro organ chip suitable for 3D culture of various types of cells, construction of organoid models, and high-throughput drug screening

Core advantages
IBAC S1 is a 3D high-throughput micro-organ chip, suitable for 3D culture of various cells, construction of organoid models and high-throughput drug screening. The design of the product includes the nesting of a large and a small holem, allowing for easy and precise dosing of gel in quantities as low as 1-10ul. This feature makes it highly suitable for 3D cell culture using different hydrogels, resulting in a more natural cell microenvironment. The ultra-thin optical transparent glass base plate and black material used in the product ensure high-quality in situ imaging without any fluorescence signal crosstalk. The product also features an anti-evaporation design that eliminates the edge effect and conforms to the ANSI/SLAS (SBS) standards with its standard size.
3D cell culture
Organoid culture
High-throughput drug screening
High-throughput fluorescence imaging
In vitro angiogenesis experiments
Case applications
3D culture of human primary hepatocytes (PHH)
The S1 chip is suitable for 3D culture of primary hepatocytes. Compared with 2D PHH cell model and other 3D PHH models, IBAC 3D PHH has significant advantages in hepatocyte activity, liver function, and toxicity evaluation.
Organoid 3D culture
The S1 chip is suitable for the cultivation of various tumor organoids. Daxiang can provide organoid culture protocol and drug screening services.
Tumor cell line 3D culture
Daxiang can provide 3D culture protocol and drug screening services for 38 tumor cell lines of 11 cancer types verified by WuXi AppTec.
Endothelial cells on IBAC S1 form a vascular network structure. Daxiang can provide angiogenesis protocol.