IBAC O1 is a dynamic co cultured organ chip. By using precision shaking table gravity drive to achieve pumpless and high-throughput dynamic fluid infusion, the biomimetic performance of the model is improved; The unique spatial design allows for two different cell inoculation modes, contact and non-contact, to construct multiple organ related co-culture models

Core advantages
High biomimetic
Highly biomimetic: co-culture of organoids and stromal cells reproduces the tumor microenvironment
high efficiency
High Efficiency: Dynamic fluid improves mass transfer efficiency of nutrients, metabolic waste, etc.
Standardized: operation process compatible with standardized equipments and culture reagent
Organoid culture and expansion
Organoid-stromal cell co-culture
Multiple organ serial culture
Case applications
A co-culture model of tumor-tumor-associated fibroblasts
Cancer-associated fibroblast (CAF) is one of the most important components in the tumor microenvironment. Targeting CAF has become one of the focuses of anti-tumor drug research. Daxiang can provide co-culture model construction protocol and drug screening services.
Tumor immune microenvironment model
Daxiang has developed a tumor immune microenvironment model that utilizes the patient's homologous tumor organoids and PBMCs. This model can accurately replicate the tumor immune microenvironment in vivo, making it a suitable tool for evaluating the effectiveness of various tumor immunotherapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors and cell therapy.