IBAC M1 is a high-throughput barrier functional organ chip suitable for constructing various single organ models with barrier functions, such as blood-brain barrier, kidney barrier, intestinal barrier, lung barrier, etc. It can also achieve multi organ co-culture

core advantages
  • Gravity-driven fluid flow for high-throughput, pump-less, continuous constant perfusion

  • The upper layer of the porous membrane provides an ECM-based 3D cell culture chamber, requiring only 1-10μL of ECM

  • High adaptability, compatible with mainstream commercial testing equipment

  • Ultra-thin optically clear backplane for high-quality imaging

    Barrier model construction
    Epithelial-endothelial interaction
    2D-3D multi-organ co-culture
    Disease Modeling
    High-throughput drug screening
    Case applications
    Blood brain barrier (BBB) model
    The IBAC BBB model exhibits a stronger barrier function compared to the traditional model, and the drug penetration ability is highly correlated with in vivo data.
    BBB-tumor model
    This model can be used to simultaneously evaluate the brain-penetrating effect of drugs and the killing effect on orthotopic/metastatic brain tumors. The in vitro drug efficacy has demonstrated a strong correlation with the in vivo data.
    Proximal renal tubular model
    This model is an ideal in vitro model for studying drug transport, efflux and drug-induced nephrotoxicity.
    Colon/small intestine organoid model
    This model provides a highly biomimetic in vitro research tool for the study of drug absorption, intestinal diseases, etc.